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training materials
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To be competitive in global markets successful businesses need the global edge of locally relevant communication materials. We all laugh when we see bad English on holiday, but the critical documentation and sales materials of many US corporations reads in a similarly amateurish or outdated way in some parts of the world.

By combining powerful, up to the minute copy with accurate cultural translation, Global Edge Solutions provides clients with truly global materials that accurately represent your corporate message in a positive and effective way. Next time you plan materials intended for an international audience, consider using our services at Global Edge Solutions – because our on-target localized communication is what will make your company truly international.

Training materials in multiple media and languages

Training – from classroom based to eLearning – is a rapidly growing area, and we have been actively involved in the localization of materials for several large corporations.

We are familiar with the underlying technology of the training world and create materials that will work efficiently with Learning Management Systems and course creation tools; and can originate training materials in multiple languages.
It is advisable to test your Instructional Design methodology in foreign cultures, as North American techniques are not always effective abroad.

Targeting communication to specific cultures

While native language is the obvious requirement of localization, there are other more subtle issues which have a profound influence on the weight your messages carry.

Engineers, for example, often have a specific dialect within a language, and the phrasing and grammar of your presentation can be decisive in them taking your communication seriously.

We have in-country specialists dedicated to creating appropriate written word voices for specific audiences in many different fields. (We also provide appropriate native voice talent for audio and video).

Global Edge Solutions has capabilities in all major media – print, video, audio and web - and can craft marketing materials that are designed from day one to work across multiple languages and cultures.
We have substantial production alliances and facilities that enable cost-effective creation of your materials – we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings gained by physically organizing and creating your multiple culture communications through us.